Written by Marc on April 10, 2018
You thought that the 15%, the 17% and in some cases the 25% commissions from Booking, Expedia and all other online booking agencies were your only cost of using these platforms, that there had no hidden fees!

It's a lie ! ...
Written by Marc on March 15, 2018
If there is an industry that has been hit hard by the Internet, it is ours. One day, we woke up, and BOUM, impossible to do without Internet to distribute our rooms ...
Written by Marc on February 9, 2018
Not long ago, I was talking to a hotelier, Paul, who was expressing all his frustration and anger about working with Booking. He was pissed! For several minutes, he drew me a portrait of a mythological monster with magical and evil powers...
Written by Marc on March 16, 2018
To increase your direct sales, make sure to keep your website visitors into your universe until there booking is complete. All the information they need to make their decision to book must be on your website to avoid them having fetch them elsewhere!...
Written by Marc on May 22, 2018
To increase your direct sales, you must optimize the customer journey. The customer must be able to find all the necessary information to make an intuitive decision in your website. Here is an example of a hotel that does things well, but also makes a small, but crucial mistake. (Small mistakes can be very expensive when it comes to converting a visitor into a customer!)
Written by Marc on May 30, 2018
Can science help hoteliers increase direct sales?
Yes, and on many levels!
Today I am going to talk to you about a fundamental element, which is however often put aside: "Eye tracking" ...
Written by Marc on August 1, 2018
Hello everyone,

In a previous post I talked about the importance of protecting your brand to prevent OTAs from using it in their Adwords campaigns. I received many messages asking for more details ...
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